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Action Swimming Pool Service, Inc. is a licensed and insured swimming pool service company.

Let Action take care of your swimming pool needs. It can certainly get involved when it comes to cleaning your pool, maintaining pool equipment and sustaining ideal water chemistry. Not to mention sacrificing the time it takes to perform these tasks. Protect your swimming pool and your precious time by allowing us to take this responsibility off your hands.


This is the complete service package. This service provides: removing debris from pool, brushing the tile line and steps, emptying the pump and skimmer baskets, cleaning filter when necessary, checking the operation of pool equipment, testing water chemistry, delivering and adding chemicals as required to maintain a sparkling, healthy swimming environment. Starting at $60/trip, commercial rates available upon request.


Maintaining your water chemistry is vital to the longevity of your equipment and your pool’s finish. Incorrect water balance can cause long term problems resulting in expensive repairs. Poor water chemistry can cause premature equipment failure and deterioration of pool surfaces. We will test water for proper levels of calcium hardness, alkalinity, ph, chlorine, and we will rid the pool of chloramines that irritate eyes, make water smelly, and diminish water clarity. Starting at $50/trip.


We repair or replace pumps, filters, heaters, covers, plumbing, lights, chlorinators, tile, coping, and much more. Contact us for pricing, and if necessary we will schedule an appointment to inspect and determine the scope of repair.


Opening the pool includes: Remove and store winter cover, clean the pool, immediate deck around pool, coping, and automatic pool cover. An acid wash may be in order to achieve the best results. We will start the equipment, trouble shoot the plumbing system, and accurately balance the swimming pool water.

Closing the pool includes: Complete and competent winterization, adding the necessary chemicals to protect the pool’s finish and equipment while closed, installing the winter cover.

Opening and closing pricing is specific to each pool and based on time and materials. Feel free to contact us and we will collect the necessary information to get your opening or closing priced and scheduled.


We always recommend using as little acid as possible on the plaster finish. We will evaluate the condition of the plaster to determine the best method of cleaning the surface. Our preference is to first perform a pressure wash and then a light acid wash. When heavier stains are present it may require using a stronger acid/water solution without a pressure wash. These processes can revitalize your plaster finish making it look bright and new again. The condition of the existing plaster or stains may warrant re-plastering to achieve the desired results. Schedule an appointment and we will stop by and put together a proposal addressing your specific needs.


Does your pool look as good as it should when the cover is closed? Don't let a dirty cover take away from the beauty of your swimming pool area, and contribute to shedding debris into your pool when operated. This includes cleaning inside the cover housing. Rates starting at $100.


Our factory-trained professionals install new covers, domes and safety fencing. Having many years of experience with automatic and manual pool covers, we will help you achieve worry free pool enjoyment. Contact us and we will help you determine the best product to fit your needs.

More details on pool covers and safety fences


Swimming pool renovation services available. Specializing in: plaster, tile, coping, plumbing, and upgrading equipment (heaters, pumps, and filters). Contact us talk about your pool or spa remodel.

More details on remodels


Unless otherwise specified
Labor = 1 man/1 hr.$95.00 or 2 man/1 hr. $170.00
Trip Charge = $40.00
Pool Only = Starts at $60.00
Pool & Spa = Starts at $75.00
Spa Only = Starts at $50.00

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